About Elizabeth G. Means, Writer



Elizabeth G. Means is a former human resources and social services professional. She is a home decor crafter & sewer, writer, and creator of the New Legacy Writing (and reading) Club. Elizabeth grew up in Philadelphia, PA in the 60's, and it's the town she still calls home. Her writing focuses on memoir. Growing up in the black community in the 60's gives rise to unexpected and revealing stories. She also writes about the issues of chronic health because she has been a patient for over forty years



Elizabeth is a graduate of La Salle University. She views her studies in writing, medical sociology, and health care administration as informants for her future. Her  sociology major gave Elizabeth the ability to look into society and culture and consider why we do the things that we do. Life experiences gave her the impetus to write about the subjects that are dear to her heart. In junior high school Elizabeth wrote and saw in print a short story entitled, "Chicken Out." It was a story about a kid in the neighborhood who did not want to take part in the gang wars. She won an award and the seeds of authorship were no doubt planted at that time. Her essays won her two Charlotte W. Newcombe Foundation scholarships while attending La Salle. 



Elizabeth expects to publish her memoir, Lessons from Dakota Street, soon. Following will then be the next book, already in the works, Reflections of a Career Patient. One goal of Elizabeth's work is to create a legacy of story-telling among those in her community. Another is to inspire everyone to advocate for excellent healthcare. When she is not at her keyboard, Elizabeth is often in the kitchen baking cookies. She is the great-grand-mom of eight wonderful little ones. Grandma bakes the best snickerdoodles ever! You can read her blog and contact her on her website: egmeanswriter.com