New Legacy Writing (and reading) Club


What is NLWC?

I've been writing a memoir for several months. The great thing about  memoir is that these are the stories of life, told by the persons who  lived them. My mission is to create a community of people who want to read these stories and to tell them, just as our grandparents used to do. These stories can be left as a legacy, a real history, for the generations to come. Come take this continuing adventure with me. You can add to our community legacy and feel good doing so.  If you wish, share the hard times, the good times, and the times that tested your faith. Over the coming months, I'll be doing the same by  sharing my writing and the journey it's been. Your feedback will be invaluable.

The Big News

The big news is that I've got this website up and running. It's certainly a work in progress. I hit publish on 12/8/2018! I'm so excited and just dying to bring you all along with me.

What people are saying about Liz and the NLWC

Since we are brand new, there are no testimonials. I'm confident that there will be soon! Looking forward to your testimonial.

What's coming up

We will have a Facebook Group soon for the New Legacy Writing (and Reading) Club. I'm working on it. Members will get the announcement when it's ready.

Writers and Readers Ask.

Ask me whatever you wish about my journey and starting yours. I'll answer you as soon as possible. 

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